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From left to right, Barbara Gordon, Bahareh Yaraghi, Niki landau, Blair Williams and Diane Flacks wade into full bodied arguments while delivering endless laughter in Nightwood Theatre’s fiercely funny staging of Unholy. It may be the perfect play for those thinking too much and feeling too little on our lost course of the present.


There are two schools of thought that linger in communities far and wide—those who prefer we keep things the same and those that ask why transformation is taking so long. Regardless of your view, everyone—it seems—is aching to be heard in this hotly contested age of religious design and women’s rights.

Diane Flacks is no different. And if you’re going to fall hard for Uholy, a superbly well-crafted and precarious spurring, it might just be when the daring playwright issues an edict to make a choice.

This isn’t the kind of story that would have the same kind of impact in a kitchen party setting where a character ignites the dialogue fuse around the subject of misogyny or a woman’s perceived place in an evolving society.  Instead, she pivots with four fiery femmes defending deeply held convictions over pious practices in a televised debate where the winner questionably takes all.

In true dramatic fashion, the play offers temporary squabble relief by transitioning with backstories and an off camera connection.  You can take the girl out of religion but can you really take religion out of the girl?

Say what you will about the tone of feminist cynicism but you’re have to admire Flacks’ approach to placing organized religion under a microscope for some down and dirty analysis.  It’s obvious she has a level of respect for its beauty but takes issue with what she feels is pungently discriminatory and holds it accountable for equality failure.

But to do so with a comedy first, message second entertainment objective is what truly gives the production vast and thrilling appeal.

Unity will always be an uphill battle when perception and interpretation build walls around population segments. Don’t give up hope on a love, mercy, and compassion depleted landscape, Unholy packs a provocative punch to keep the dialogue moving forward.


UNHOLY by Diane Flacks November 23 – December 10, 2017 BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES THEATRE,  12 Alexander Street, Toronto, TICKETS $25.00 – $35.00 www.nightwoodtheatre.net 416-975-8555 CAST Diane Flacks, Barbara Gordon, Niki Landau, Blair Williams, Bahareh Yaraghi DIRECTOR Kelly Thornton SET & COSTUMES Lindsay C. Walker LIGHTING Bonnie Beecher MUSIC & SOUND Richard Feren

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