Trey Parker & Matt Stone
Local theatre producers with dollar signs in their eyes have their sights set on bringing ‘The Book of Mormon’ to town. The musical’s success is attributed to the story’s sharp comical teeth and big narrative heart in a presentation that ridicules the silliness of religious dogma while still being uplifting and pro-faith.

You don’t win 9 Tony Awards including Best Musical and not end up making a stop in Toronto at some point. With producers for The Book of Mormon cautiously eying new markets when the U.S. national tour kicks off in August some say it’s just a matter of time before Hogtown is penciled in for an engagement.

The red hot Broadway musical production has grossed more than $40 million dollars playing to sell out crowds at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre all summer. With the show sold out for the next 6 months, insiders don’t expect that demand will ease anytime soon.

No one’s more surprised by how well the offering has been received than South Park brainchildren Trey Parker and Matt Stone who collaborated with Avenue Q’s song maker Jeff Marx to bring the outrageous satire to the stage.

“We thought it was good,” Parker confesses. “But we never thought it was going to be like this.”

It’s rude, crude, lewd, and blasphemous despite critics calling it the best Broadway musical in a decade.

Co-creator Matt Stone insists that the production’s raw ingredients are what make The Book of Mormon the heavenly musical it has become.

“A lot of the subject matter that we tackled, the way we found ourselves there is simply by trying to do something different that no one else has touched,” he adds.

The dynamic duo share a subversive sense of humour and traces of their love for Monty Python can be seen in scenes throughout the award winning presentation that satirizes conventions and warm hearts at the same time.

The story of two mismatched missionaries that arrive in Africa to preach to pagans packs a sound premise. But when they discover the locals are flipping their finger at their heavenly father behind their backs, playgoers realize this isn’t a shot a Mormons and their unorthodox beliefs as it is a send up of all organized religion.

Could a smash musical such as The Book of Mormon be well received in Toronto to guarantee a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month run? You can bet theatre producers have the latter included in their prayers at night.

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