Traces - PHOTO

A touring company doesn’t travel to 200 cities for 1700 performances without delivering maximum satisfaction. ‘Traces’ leaves an indelible mark on the city’s entertainment scene and serves as the perfect product to wind down the year.


It’s was unlikely that a show debuting in 2006 with a stopover in Toronto the very next year was ever likely to revisit us in 2015.  But yet it has.

All can bow down to The 7 Fingers because the Montreal based group’s offering Traces represents everything that’s missing from contemporary performance art.

A hip, multi-disciplinary presentation that comes across as a lightly outlined STOMP! and Cirque du Soleil hybrid spiked with a dose of La La Human Steps sensibility, Traces fuses acrobatics, dance, and a heaping size of Millennial generation awesomeness.

And there lies the secret to its success. This is, after all, an adept troupe raised in technology revolution environment drawing on youth dynamic aesthetics to tingle the senses of a new generation of theatregoers.

How do they get away with such adrenalizing simplicity? The pole climbing basketball dribbling, chalk tracing, skateboarding mofos break all the rules making this an instantly addictive offering.

What’s most admirable about Traces is the deeply threaded sense of identity in the show. This is engineered from the opening scene whereby a pendulate microphone gives Anne-Marie, Kevin, Lucas, Kai, Yann, Harley, and Enmeng a kooky platform to introduce themselves one by one.

The sheer precision of the physical movement and anti-gravitational acrobatics on display leave you slack-jawed.   A clever musical backdrop is a bold battle cry that a new wave of performance art has been long overdue.

A show not to be missed, Traces is an artsy presentation that’s graceful and gorgeous—a permanent etch that celebrates eye-catching inventiveness.

Review by Jonathan O’Neil


TRACES  by Shana Carool & Gypsy Snider December 15-27, 2015 PANASONIC THEATRE, 651 Yonge Street, Toronto TICKETS $25.00 – $75.00 416-872-1212 CAST Kevin Beverley, Lucas Boutin, Anne-Marie Godin, Kai Johnson, Yann Leblanc, Harley McLeish and Enmeng Song DIRECTOR AND CHOREGRAPHY Shana Carroll & Gypsy Snider