Wonder Pagaent Review

The art of making something out of nothing has never looked shinier than the unpredictable comedy paths in The Wonder Pageant on stage at Coal Mine Theatre until December 23, 2018. Even audiences who prefer quills over Dell computers are getting in on this outlandish fun.


What is the true meaning of the holidays anyway?

A time to celebrate the birth of an infant who would only 33 years later be nailed to a piece of wood for telling people to stop being knuckleheads and just love and forgive one another in preparation of a better tomorrow?

Or is it the process of overloading credit cards with insurmountable debt to gift others with boxes tied with ribbons containing things no one really needs.

Whatever your personal point of view is, you can add The Wonder Pageant to the growing list of conjecture.

Is it what international retailers with bottomless cash registers want you to see this season? Probably not.

Is it what the baby Jesus would have wanted you to experience? According to the two millennium old story, the little one had way too many visitors, was surrounded by royalty and his parents were trying to find space for the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But let’s put him down as a definite maybe!

The title alone gives the titillating troupe creative licensing to get away with almost anything they want every single night in in this absolutely insane improv project. In pulling off the performance impossible they refuse to rehearse and instead let escapism deliver the splendor and joy the season desperately needs.

No scared cows exists in these endless sketches. Truths are spoken and secrets are exposed in a non-linear production making this a perfect present for serious theatre phobes. It’s futile to try and guess where the next scene is going when most often the silly snorting cast members don’t even know.

The Wonder Pageant might best be compared to Yuletide on LSD.   Shape shifting giggles, surprises galore and complete with tinseled scenes you’ll never see twice.

So much so, even Grammy Award winner Randy Newman can’t resist contributing to this unscripted holiday hoopla.


THE WONDER PAGEANT by Kayla Lorette & Ron Pederson COAL MINE THEATRE, 1454 Danforth Avenue, December 2 – 23, 2018 , TICKETS $25.00-$42.50 www.coalminetheatre.com CAST Kayla Lorette, Ron Pederson, Matt Baram, Jan Carauna, Paloma Nuñez and Kris Siddiqi DIRECTOR Kayla Lorette & Ron Pederson   MUSICAL DIRECTOR Waylen Miki SET Anna Treusch LIGHTING AND SOUND Mark Andrada COSTUMES Sim Suzer STAGE MANAGER Connor Low

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