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Nothing in this world seems to grow without a bit of extra attention.  The Secret Garden, on stage until March 18, 2018, illustrates the miracle of a father being reunited with a son and an orphan girl finding a sense of belonging.


Some secrets must never be kept but instead be shared with all within reach.

Storyteller Paul Ledoux’s adaptaion of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s celebrated family classic now being given an illustrious staging at Young People’s Theatre is one of them.

The perimetre in question is a place where ‘the great sadness’ has happened when a mother’s life was cut short unexpectedly.

Yet when, Mary (Natalia Gracious), an orphan from India arrives to begin a new life, her feisty and impatient attitude changes as abruptly when she meets a ‘selfish little brat’, Colin (Jake Runeckles), only then does she discover that discover birds of feather definitely stick together.

The Secret Garden is perhaps on the of the most adoring tales of friendship, hope, magic, and healing ever written.   It’s one that lacks traditional rising action of other children’s stories but somehow maintains attention all the way through despite this.

This can be accredited to Allen MacInnis’ sensitive approach to directing a ambitious cast that adds tremendous colour to its character both in comical and serious undertones.

Joyous and blossoming with human spirit, this truly is a garden of delight.


THE SECRET GARDEN  adaption by Paul Ledoux February 5 – March 18, 2018 YOUNG PEOPLE’S THEATRE, 165 Front Street, Toronto TICKETS $10.00 – $34.00 or 416-862-2222 CAST Simon Bracken, Vivien Endicott-Douglas, Natalia Gracious, Dan Lett, Sarah Mennell, Jack Runeckles, Benjamin Sutherland, DIRECTOR Allen MacInnis SET Teresa Przybylski COSTUMES Anna Treusch LIGHTING Lesley Wilkinson SOUND Debashis Sinha STAGE MANAGER Kate Sanderson


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