The Sacrifice Zone
Pam Patel (standing) is the face of innocense in ‘The Sacrifice Zone’ where artful expression takes on a variety of shapes and sizes in a play that presents a strong case for accountability.

Highly Imaginative Traction

If you see a title like The Sacrifice Zone and think ‘self righteous characters giving of themselves to help others’ you’re dead wrong.  Here’s why:  Theatre Gargantua’s physically enriched presentation is splendid to hear and breathtaking to watch as a quintet of performers exuberantly brings to life the pain and sorrow of a deeply divided community.

Playgoers are promptly immersed in an unconventional and galvanizing production relying on a simple storyline with complex consequences.   With townspeople impacted by the endless whys and hows relating to the cause the ensuing blame game becomes less important when financial settlements are put on the table.

The company’s mantra that if the story doesn’t move it’s simply not moving shows how much distance a straightforward narrative can get when multi-media resources coupled by sound design supremacy are added to the mix.  And it’s the little things like a hockey game scene with vocal sound effects and limb lifting gestures that give the 70-minute production the highly imaginative traction that’s always possible.

Husbands, wives, sons and daughters—all are lost together within a cesspool of raw emotion when an element of the unknown is prevalent.  Director Jacquie P. Thomas’ ability to humanize the plight of the survivors trying to move on is truly what makes this a relevant theatre experience.

Review by Steven Berketo

THE SACRIFICE ZONE by Suzie Mille Nov.13 – Nov. 30, 2013
Factory Studio Theatre 125 Bathurst Street, Toronto
Tickets $19.00 – $25.00 416-504-9971

CAST Ciara Adams, Joel Benson, Pam Patel, Michelle Polack, Michael Spence

DIRECTOR Jacquie P. Thomas

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