Jay Turvey as Bree, Matt Nethersole as Shasta, Madelyn Kriese as Aravis and Kristi Frank as Hwin with the cast of The Horse and His Boy (Shaw Festival, 2019). Photo by Emily Cooper.

Narnian loyalists are uniting for The Horse And His Boy where Matt Nethersole as Shasta and Madelyn Kriese as Aravis are riding for a better tomorrow with Jay Turvey as Bree and Kristi Frank as Hwin saddled up for one gratifying adventure. The Shaw Festival presentation runs until July 21, 2019.









THE HORSE AND HIS BOY based on the novel by C.W. Lewis and adapted for the stage by Anna Chatterton SHAW FESTIVAL – FESTIVAL THEATRE, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario DATES April 6 to July 21, 2019 TICKETS $24.00 – $240.00 www.shafest.com 1-800-511-7429 CAST Kristi Frank, Matt Nethersole, Jay Turvey, Jenny L. Wright, David Ball, Jane Johanson, Krystal Kiran, Madelyn Kriese, George Krissa, Julie Lumsden, Stewart Adam McKensy, Drew Plummer, Genny Sermonia and Jacqueline Thair DIRECTOR Christine Brubaker SET AND COSTUMES Jennifer Goodman LIGHTING Sibohan Sleath PROJECTION DESIGN Cameron David ORIGINAL MUSIC Deanna H. Choi MOVEMENT AND PUPPETRY Alexis Milligan STAGE MANAGER Alison Peddie

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