Is it us or does every holiday season need a hero of some sort?  You know, the kind that shares survival techniques for never ending Christmas music and even helps you find that smart excuse to cut short a family gathering when the drunk uncle sits next you at the dinner table.

At Second City’s new temporary home at Comedy Bar West on the Danforth, we’re gifted with not one but six heroes to help us remember that no December should go without a giggly surprise.

The Fast and The Furiously Festive! gets off to a great start in the show opener involving baby’s first cranberry.   Family planning takes on a hilarious different shape when facing a lock down at the local Loblaws.

Another smilemaker is the TV streaming cheats sketch, a moment that proves could be a deal breaker for tempted couples making the long haul of a relationship the best way they know how.

If you’ve been exposed to public transit delays or Ikea shopping adventures, there’s so much great original content for fun seekers this month. Even anti-vaxxers will find material here to turn a frown upside down.

The intimate venue certainly adds comical depth to a show that would otherwise have a notable sized buffer between performers and audiences.

Those with absolutely no need for neatly wrapped boxes this December are joining in on the absurdity in its most vibrant comical colours.  A year end retreat to the Danforth with highly amusing touring performers this talented is better than a triple shot of rum and eggnog.



For ticket information to experience The Fast And The Furiously Festive! presentation, visit for dates and times.