The musical preaching work continues in our city with the eagerly anticipated return of The Book of Mormon. Super satirists Trey Parker and Matt Stone broke all the rules with this spectacular Tony Award winning concept and the world is smiling that much more in light of their revolution.

This is, after all, a giggly song vehicle poking fun at female circumcision, repressed missionaries, scrotum infections and, of course, religion. Doesn’t sound like conventional comedy fodder until you see how tastefully the South Park creators package it a together with a tender core.

Yet sell out performances in Toronto and abroad may suggest a musical tide is changing with a new generation dropping dollars at box offices that may skip out on revival offerings that their parents would prefer.

Edgy comedy lovers simply can’t resist Salt Lake City heroes comprised of the dashing, earnest young Mormons Elder Price and the bumbling, socially inadequate Elder Cunningham who arrive in Uganda for a two year preaching work assignment.

The harsh realities of African life strike hard within days as the message deliverers bid farewell to their bags, innocence, and first world country arrogance.

As one would suspect, profanity phobes will want to shy away from this not-so-sacred cash cow because there are plenty of F-bombs in which to dodge.

For everyone else, get ready for a memorable evening of radiant, ferociously funny, unashamedly scatological entertainment that will have you asking ‘What took musical theatre so long to get to a place like this?’



THE BOOK OF MORMON by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Robert Lopez March 1 – April 16, 2017 PRINCESS OF WALES THEATRE, 300 King Street, Toronto TICKETS $49.00 – $200.00 416-872-1212

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