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You definitely don’t make it as far as Beverley Knight as Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard unless you pack some impressive pipes.  One part movie turned theatre and one part live concert, this fantastic creation plays the Ed Mirvish Theatre until 14.


By the time the super awesome vocalist Beverley Knight belts out “I Will Always Love You,” one of many sweeping musical power ballads in The Bodyguard The Musical, one thing is evident: We all still miss Whitney Houston.

This grandiose adaptation of the 1992 thriller that starred Ms. Houston as a pop star with a stalker and her bodyguard, played by Kevin Costner, was never a great film to begin with, but it generated the best-selling soundtrack of all time, with such hits as ‘I’m Every Woman’ and ‘I Have Nothing.’

The stage plot follows Rachel Marron (Deborah Knight) as she enlists the services of bodyguard Frank Farmer (Stuart Reid) to protect her from the advances of a stalker (Sy Spector). Rachel is none too interested in Frank’s methods as her career is at breakthrough moment with a potential Academy Award looming in the future.

But she’s got a family to protect, namely her son and sister Nicki (Rachel John). A love interest begins to brew and the pair eventually find themselves entangled in the bed sheets. “I 

After a break-in at her estate, Rachel realizes that she must trust Frank and he whisks her off to his cabin in the woods, but in true thriller fashion, the stalker shows up and somebody doesn’t make it out alive.  At the Academy Awards, Rachel gives the performance of a lifetime—perhaps her last if her stalker has his way. But Frank returns to save the day.

The plot line has been simplified from the film version to become merely a thin veil for the familiar songs, and while Spector’s stalker is supremely creepy.

In the end, it’s a one-dimensional story that pleases the faithful land devoted movie lover and pleases the tourist crowd that flock to city for concert like production values throughout the show.

THE BODYGUARD book by Alexander Dinelaris Feb 11 – May 14, 2017 ED MIRVISH THEATRE 244 Victoria Street, Toronto TICKETS $35.00 – $175.00 416-872-1212  CAST Beverley Knight, Stuart Reid, Rachel John, Carole Stennett, Neil Ditt, Mark Holden, Matthew Stathers, Alex Andreas, Glen Fox Lyric Justice, Liam Wignall, Lisa Darnell, Raul Naranjo Garcia, Charles Hagerty, Emma-Joy Hopkins, Christoher Jeffers, Raquel Jones, Verity Jones, Phoebe Liberty, Jemima Loddy, Elliot Powell, Mary Lynn Tiep, Pablo Ceresuela Torres, Michael Wade-Peters, Matthew Wesley, Emmy Willow and Mark Willshire DIRECTOR Thea Sharrock SET & COSTUMES Tim Hatley LIGHTING Mark Henderson CHOREOGRAPHER Karen Bruce VIDEO DESIGNER Duncan McLean SOUND DESIGNER Richard Brooker

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