From left to right Nadine Djoury, Allana Reoch, Stacey McGunnigle posh it up as three crazed podcasting characters you definitely don’t want to get stuck with in an elevator.   Be sure to carry a gratitude journal in the unfortunate event that you do. The Best Is Yet To Come Undone may just be Second City’s finest offering in years.


What goes up must come down; we’ve often been told throughout the years.

Not so with Second City’s latest revue. After a fabulously funny fall offering so hard to match, those comical mischief makers are up to their old tricks again with a satirically sizzling series of sketches that weighs in with clever originality as much as it does unbridled hilarity.

We’re talking a show sharper and wittier than Oscar Wilde trapped in a phone booth full of nitrous oxide.  Loudly ludicrous and gorgeously goofy, The Best Is Yet To Come Undone is a side splitting reminder that life’s loose ends are best left detached.

It’s a cackle maker that starts off in a post touchy feely Harvey Weinstein era when an invitation to come inside an apartment must not include any presumptions.   All is fair game when two consenting adults lay their hormonal cards on the table until deep voiced role play signals that all bets are off.

Special snowflakes are served notice they are by no means alone in this world as Samsonite luggage confrontation profiling society’s new ‘basic woman’ and the follow-up should-I-stay-or-should-I-go segment shines light on a bouncy hair monster who knows her full worth in the dating market.

The evening’s laugh out loud moment comes in the ‘Hey Google’ sketch where parental units hash it out for dominance with their mischief offspring just hanging in for blissful annoyance.

It’s impossible not to love the musical contribution of a street crossing song that underscores loneliness and desperation of being left out.   This moment scores an ‘ahhhhh’ that can be heard all the way Rogers Centre down the street.

Crowd pleasers such as the ‘Not Even Close’ improv builder where it’s impossible to guess the outcome and ‘Ted Talk’ analysis of Luke Skywalker’s apparent sexuality that ties us all back to an iconic Broadway musical is about as purrrrrfect as it gets.

Add in a tender advice from beyond the grave scene plus a gut busting funny one finger salute magic show and Second City proves to only comedy destination guaranteed to heat the irregularly chilly Spring season upon us.


THE BEST IS YET TO COME UNDONE April 9 – July 9, 2018 THE SECOND CITY, 51 Mercer Street, Toronto TICKETS $27.00 and up 416-343-0011 CAST Sharjil Rasool, Chris Wilson, Stacey McGunnigle, Allana Reoch, Nadine Djoury and Brandon Hackett DIRECTOR Carly Heffernan ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Paul Bates STAGE MANAGER Georgia Priestley-Brown MUSICAL DIRECTOR Jordan Armstrong

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