Great minds think alike: It comes as no surprise that Adam Lazurus (seen here) and Guillermo Verdecchia have teamed up for a heap of laughter and hostility in ‘The Art of Building a Bunker.’


Flash forward to the year 2114 and the endless debate over the definition of ‘art’ will continue to go on and on and on. Luckily, the consensus over the word ‘bunker,’ both personal and metaphorical, will have far fewer people up in arms.

But in this day and age where there’s an increasing amount of people who have a problem with someone else, where ultra-sensitivity pours from very DNA like water rushing over Niagara Falls and where thought police will have you in cerebral handcuffs for the slightest hint of not being in line with the politically correct majority, are we to believe that a social solution can ever be found out there?

Theatre makers Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia cannot say for sure. In response, they lock and load satire into a character crazed ‘journey of understandingness’ to find a comfy spot in a ‘meadow of inclusivity.’

In a narrative maze made up of offensive and defensive positions that’s triggered a reprehensive outcome, they rely on Elvis, a bitter, cynical, husband and father who finds himself in a week long sensitivity training class to deliver a speech on his mental transformation for the errors of his past.

He’s not alone in this task. Peter, Pumar, John, Flora and Roara accompany him on a mission to tap their ‘inner infinite potentiality.’

One thing’s for certain, everybody’s got personal issues to sort out including the quasi-intellectual facilitator, Cam.

Not much happens in a story that at times resembles SNL sketch madness. Yet it’s an impressive chop busting, physical vocation for actor Adam Lazarus who morphs between personas without barely taking a breath.

If it’s true that we’re just specs on this big blue marble, The Art of Building a Bunker, an anti-redemption tale of opposing viewpoint, doesn’t apologize for the fear that surrounds many of us.

Review by Steven Berketo

THE ART OF BUILDING A BUNKER by Adam Lazarus & Guillermo Verdecchia Oct. 11 – Nov.2, 2014 FACTORY THEATRE, 125 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON TICKETS 416-504-9971 CAST Adam Lazarus DIRECTOR Guillermo Verdecchia SET & COSTUME Camelia Koo LIGHTING Michelle Ramsey SOUND Richard Feren