Sousatzka, Toronto

 There’s nothing like that feeling knowing that someone has your back.   Victoria Clark (left) and Jordan Barrow (right) star in Sousatska A New Musical on stage at the Elgin Theatre.


When you’re a restless teenager bound by high expectations, it’s not uncommon to wish that your parents were just like everyone else’s.  Sixteen year old Themba’s (Jordan Barrow) freedom fighting mother and incarcerated father certainly has the musical prodigy in a tough spot as his new life unfolds in 1980s London far away from the violence of Apartheid  in his native South Africa.

And when you’re a classical piano instructor investing hopes and dreams in the future of your students, it’s not always easy let go no matter how hard you fight that inner voice to do so.

“It’s not fair! I want to do what’s right for the boy…if I left him perform I will lose him,’ deplores Madam Sousatzka  (Victoria Clark).

But like the old adage instructs—if you truly love something, you’ve got to set it free.

The musical adaptation of the 1988 British film starring Shirley MacLain is a triumphant staging with style and sophistication galore. This touching tale of a generation gap with similar histories is what cherished stories have been made of throughout the generations.  Depictions of the struggle, the bond, the trust and the goodbye will tear jerk some while inspiring others to pursue a self-sacrificing spirit to benefit those who would otherwise be left behind.

Songs such as Music Is In You, The Life I Left Behind, Gifted and Let Go serve as exceptional aural hooks drawing you deeper inside the narrative with sheer splendor.

Make no mistake music is indeed a powerful element that ignites and keeps us alive.   Welcome back Garth Drabinsky, we can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for us next.


SOUSATZKA book by Craig Lucas, music by David Shire, lyrics Richard Maltby Jr. February 25 – April 9, 2017 ELGIN THEATRE, 189 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON TICKETS $60.00 – $175.00 855-985-5000 CAST Vitoria Clark , Montego Glover, Jordan Barrow, Ryan Allen, Rebecca Eichenberger, Sara Jean Ford, Fuschia!, John Hillner, Virginia Preston, Christianne Tisdale, Nick Wyman, Siena Bildfell, Jewelle Blackman, Benjamin Bogen, Karen Burthwright, Mark Cassius, Janelle Cooper, Rejean Cournoyer, Alvin Crawford,  Saccha Dennis, Bernard Dotson, Shiloh Goodin, Kira Guloien, Mary Gutzi, Tevyn Hill, Jordan Fife Hunt, Erin Lamar, Eryn Lecroy, James Levesque, Hailey Lewis, David Lindo-Reid, Allison McCaughey,  Cory O’Brien, Rebecca Poff, Travis Pratt, Mya Rose Puryear, Jack Rennie, Timothy Shew, Jamal Shuriah, David Silvestri, Isaiah Slater, Kaden Stephen, Eva Tavares, Tryphena Wade, Charles E. Wallace, J.D. Webster, Jonathan Winsby and Judy Kaye DIRECTOR Adrian Noble CHOREOGRAPHER Graciela Daniele SET Anthony Ward COSTUMES Paul Tazewell LIGHTING Howell Binkley

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