If Santa is indeed checking his list twice to determine who has been naughty or nice, it goes without saying that without hesitation the night sky speedster skips the page with Second City performers—Andrew Bushell, Gillian Welsh, and Nkasi Ogbonnah written down on it.

Not only does their universal niceness outweigh any legally defensible naughtiness, the performance trio are the kind of folks you wish you could have wrapped under your own tree on December 25.

One funny man that can do without the excess shoppers out and about for the holidays but appreciates everyone taking a deep breathe for Yuletide chillin’ is Andrew Bushell.

Jillian Welsh has a different kind of affinity for the holidays but can never get enough of her aunts love of candle colliding with her love of poinsettias—nothing brings people closer than a good meal and extinguishing a small fire, she adds.

And then there’s Nkasi Ogbonnah who loves the holidays but questions whether she has the mental fortitude for the exorbitant level of cheer to get her through the month. Home Alone 1 + 2 is always a play button solution to this concern.

Together, these festive humourists are back on stage for The Fast & The Furiously Festive and Welcome Back To The Future at the company’s interim venue Comedy Bar East (2800 Danforth Avenue, Toronto).

Click here for ticket info: https://www.secondcity.com/toronto




It’s definitely underrated. I haven’t been single in nearly a decade but this seems like the best thing ever. When I was single, you’d be shamed for meeting people on the internet, judging prospective love interests on their looks, or outright saying what you’re looking for in a partner. Today that’s the only way to do it. People used to say “you’ll never meet someone sitting on the couch”, now you can do it from your toilet.


Overrated. Honestly a pizza is just anything now, as long as you put it on a piece of bread that is wider than it is thick. The only reason everyone loves pizza is because it’s whatever you like on some dough. Steak pizza, duck pizza, Mac and cheese pizza, Smores’ pizza, I’ve seen all of them. Pizza has no integrity.


I hate having to even say it’s underrated. Being from Toronto I hate the TTC. I think that’s more on us though, we’re always “busy” and have somewhere to go. None of us leave early enough but as soon as we’re in travel we all become an action hero that just wants their kids back. There is no level of service that we won’t take for granted.




This retailer is sadly underrated. You don’t need an expensive couple’s therapist, just go to Ikea. If you go into that building a couple and don’t come out single, congratulations you’re gonna make it. Now if you can build a PAX Wardrobe together, oooweeee, raising kids will be a cake walk.


Overrated to the core. It’s just a donut sans joy.


These are underrated, a beard is basically a scarf for your face. So Hygge.




I hate heights, that’s strike one, it’s too tall. Strike two is you are paying an obscene amount of money to take an elevator. As someone who doesn’t like heights, I can go up my friends elevator twice for free with my eyes closed (It’s the same way I went up the actual tower). Strike three is you can have an Edge Walk wedding for $6000. I already know I don’t like the type of person who would do this. I would say the CN tower is pointless if it wasn’t such a part of our iconic skyline. Overrated.

As a human who believes in science I think superstitions are overrated. They aren’t real. I know someone with a black cat, and despite her being an absolute ass, she doesn’t bring bad luck. You tripped over her because she’s a jerk. She scratched ruined your couch because she’s trash. And she barfed in your shoes, because she doesn’t give a sh*t about you. She’s not bad luck, she’s just a cat.

I don’t care if this makes me seem basic, but I love smoothies. A fun fact is, most people are garbage at making smoothies. If you think smoothies are overrated, I guarantee you are just making trash smoothies. And you’re probably using a recipe you found on YouTube, by a YouTuber who also told you can cure a UTI with only essential oils, and mindful thinking. You’re also probably the same person who has and edge walk wedding.