Rain  The Beatles Experience                 

Even better than the real thing? Joey Curatolo as Paul (left), Ralph Castelli as Ringo (back), and Joe Bithorn as Paul (right), kick out the gems in RAIN – A Tribute To The Beatles on stage from March 15 – March 20, 2016.


A creative storm like no other has moving into the Princess of Wales Theatre and what precipitates in a 120-minute live concert is nothing less than recollective brilliance. With that said, Rain – A Tribute To The Beatles is the closest experience anyone can have to seeing The Fab Four if they weren’t actually there to do so in the 1960s.

We’re talking a show that exquisitely captures a spirit of an era in celebrating a pop aesthetic that’s influenced scores of up and coming talent to this very day.

The signature hair, the sauve accents, the stylized moves, the stunning attire— it’s all here to put into bold perspective how the Liverpool savours single handedly altered the musical landscape. ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ gets the hands clapping, ‘Hey Jude’ gets the voices singing and ‘I Am The Walrus,’ ‘Hard Days Night,’ ‘Strawberry Fields’ send audiences for a colourful stroll down memory lane of which no patron is willing to return from.

Don’t mistake band members Joey Curatolo, Joe Bithorn, Ralph Castelli and Steven Landes as Beatles wannabes. The slick quartet accompanied by keyboardist Mark Lewis to provide memorable string arrangement sounds have their hearts and souls imbedded in the show so deeply, you’d swear they’ve been cloned from McCartney/Lennon/Harrison/Starr DNA.

Forward thinking by the show’s creators have strategically placed cameras around the stage projecting a black and white image of the band on large screens making the presentation seem even more real.

Were does the genius end and the magic begin in this innovative salute expanding across a musical stratum which includes Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band and The White Album? It’s really hard to tell if not impossible to say for sure.

Regrettably, hardcore Beatles loyalists will lament not hearing hits that couldn’t fit into the show. For everyone else, this is a yellow submarine you cannot afford not to board.

Review by Steven Berketo


RAIN: A TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES March 15 – March 20, 2016 PRINCESS OF WALES THEATRE, 300 King Street West, Toronto TICKETS $32.00 – $99.00 www.mirvish.com 416-872-1212 CAST Joey Curatolo, Joe Bithorn, Ralph Castelli, Steven Landes and Mark Lewis

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