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Ross Petty as Captain Hook (left) says farewell in his final holiday panto appearance in ‘Peter Pan In Wonderland’ on stage now until January 3, 3016. After two decades of villainous thrills, the producer/performer gives leaves a lasting impression on families far and wide.

If you think for a second that re-writing a classic for kidlet entertainment and adult giggles is easy do think again. Story designer Chris Earle comes to the rescue in the 20th anniversary family musical event that has everyone in agreement—it’s good to be home at the Elgin Theatre for the holidays.

The adventurous tale of the boy who wouldn’t grow up doesn’t take shape in this Peter Pan. Instead a sequel of sorts unfolds with not one but two back stories—the stuff you to know!

Wendy (Steffi DiDomenicantonio) is getting restless waiting for Peter (Anthony McPherson) to arrive in a downtown condo. After all, he said he’d be back but has he forgotten his promise?

Trouble brews when a mysterious theme basket is delivered. Like all unexpected gifts it’s full of surprises. This one goes one step further and before you can blink, it’s bye bye Wendy. Is this the work of the crafty Captain Hook (Ross Petty)?

A magic Tickle Trunk of Wonder, a fairy dust filled locket, snappy choregraphy and fancy showtunes borrowing musical frameworks from Radiohead, Taylor Swift, One Direction and Bruno Mars add to this insatiable staging.

Talking about perfect leads, Anthony MacPherson and Steffi DiDomenicantonio bring such enthusiasm to their respective roles. But it’s Jessica Holmes’ pronunciation challenged Queen of Hearts and Dan Chameroy’s Tinkbum that keeps us in stitches with comedy that’s ripe for playgoer picking.

Ross Petty is badder than ever as the man with the heinous plan. Playing a man, and a man in a tie are real eye-poppers in this show yet for his swan song performance, he gives audiences so much look back on throughout the years of soliciting endless boos.
And whether he pulls a Jay-Z and comes out of a retirement in two years remains to be seen. It does beg the question: With awfully big shoes to fill, who will step in to take his place in future offerings?

Review by Steven Berketo

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