Party Today Panic Tomorrow - PHOTO

Second City Toronto performers prove there’s a price to pay for our 15 minutes of fame when the wolves come out to play.  Party Today, Panic Tomorrow is for late night revellers and every day worry warts.


With high water levels making Toronto feel a bit like Venice in recent months and the official countdown underway bringing an end to the dog days of summer 2017, there really hasn’t been much to celebrate this season. 

Until now that is.  

That’s why it’s absolutely mandatory to give it up for the Second City ensemblers who leave absolutely no hangover whatsoever with a highly amusing shindig that has many wearing lampshades on their head all the way home from Mercer Street.

Not only is Party Today, Panic Tomorrow a hoot and a half in its absurd observation of all things off kilter around us, it may very well lead to a national sketch holiday for laughter lovers.

It’s no secret how deep disdain can run between motorists and cyclists in the downtown core—it’s a DNA thing.  When Colin Munch and Ann Pornel meet at the crossroads of commuting hell, the sultans of silly double check their blind spots for the ironic truth that anything is better the only alternative available.

Toss in first world problems of apartment hunters & condo owners, a refreshing game show fit for anyone brave enough to take the stand in the court of public opinion, and restless sleepers that go the extra mile for a good night’s rest and a the righteous revue takes shape with facetious revelations galore.    

The evening’s showstopper is undoubtedly the Skype call from hell segment giving all six performers a green light for giggles.  If you were ever hesitant in reaching out to family to share important news, you’ll definitely think twice in this hilarious camera panning moment of mega awkward.

For a satisfaction filled event sometimes raw and always unpredictable, this show lives up to all its hype and then some.     


PARTY TODAY, PANIC TOMORROW August 23 – November 30, 2017 SECOND CITY, 51 Mercer Street, Toronto TICKETS $26.00+ or 416-343-0011 CAST Nadine Djoury, Brandon Hackett, Devond Hyland, Colin Munch, Ann Pornel, Allana Reoch DIRECTOR Leslie Seiler ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Karen Parker STAGE MANAGER Georgia Priestley-Brown MUSICAL DIRECTOR Lee Cohen SET DESIGN Camellia Koo STYLIST Melanie McNeill

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