Marry Me A Little
The all to familiar romance cycle comes full circle in the Tarragon Theatre presentation of ‘Marry Me A Little’ on stage until April 6. Elodie Gillett and Adrian Marchuk prove they are ready, willing and able in a cozy intimate setting.


Tis’ the season of the 75-minute two handers across the city. And whether by intentional design or pure coincidence, it’s a welcomed pace changer that fills a specific programming void in the city’s post winter theatre scene.

And the best may have been saved for last with Stephen Sondheim’s eighteen song heart warmer validating the idea that some affiliations were sadly never meant to happen.
Not only does the event mark the first musical return in the Mainspace since 2008, it begs the question why there can’t be more with director Adam Brazier polishing this melodic experience to a shine.

Although Marry Me A Little is not the lyrical expression master’s finest work (some numbers were creations dropped from previous shows) the bouncy song clusters have no difficulty pleasing the ear in its artsy observation of two hearts beating out of sync right up to the painful affirmation ‘Love isn’t enough, we needs dreams.’

‘Saturday Night’ captures all the frustration of weekend isolation with ‘Bang!’ drawing attention to the hormonal needs south of a man’s belly button. The title song ‘Mary Me A Little’ puts it all in perspective when Elodie Gillett requests a life-long commitment before Adrian Marchuk responds with ‘Happily Ever After’ suggesting that forever together is more work than reward.

Nothing seems manufactured about these characters or their situation which gives the production so much lift. Some of us seek rainbows on romance’s rugged landscape while others seem to perpetually welcome the rain.

Blue skies are never far off in the distance for those that find the will to carry on.

Review by Steven Berketo

Songs by Stephen Sondheim
Feb. 26 – Apr. 6, 2014
Tarragon Theatre
30 Bridgman Ave., Toronto
Tickets $21.00 – $53.00

CAST: Elodie Gillett and Adrian Marchuk
DIRECTOR: Adam Brazier

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