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Kaitlyn Riordan elevates showmanship to a completely new level in the timeshare presentation of Maggie & Pierre. No relationship comes without its woes, this one turned out more unpredictable than a nation ever imagined.


If you ever doubted for a second that opposite attracts, enjoy the highly alluring socio political time warp going on upstairs at the Tarragon Theatre where a free spirited hippie from BC crosses paths with a swinging bachelor lawyer from Quebec en route to the House of Commons.

Not likely to happen in our time but it did happen in 1970 when one Pierre Elliot Trudeau at the onset of Truedeaumania met a Margaret Sinclair for what was supposed to be a happily ever after. This was not remotely the Camelot union reminiscent of John F. Kennedy and Jacquelin Bouvier but there are striking similarities.

This was, after all, a woman ‘half his age and half his intelligence’ which comes with an array of struggles when the arrogance of a feisty federalist and innocence of let-the-good-times roll 20 something collide in the public eye. When gossip is king, not politics, the pleasure and the pain, it everywhere.

Storyteller’s Linda Griffiths and Paul Thompson skate on the surface of this troubled romance never getting too deep or too complicated in the 90-minute solo offering. Utilizing a headline hunter journalist who asks the question ‘Of all the woman he could have had, why this one?’ the examination of two ‘giant figures’ for ‘something at the centre of the story’ begins.

Maggie & Pierre is never dull, never lost in text, and never short of surprises. It’s swift and eloquent when it needs to, it’s curt and demanding when it has to.

And then there’s Kaitlyn Riordan’s contibution to the production personifying all three characters with the greatest of authentic ease. From flowerchild to statesman to the writer who can’t get either out of his head, she’s a one-handed wonder in consistent character morphing.

It’s been a long time since this play has made its rounds to Toronto, missing it would be unconstitutional.


MAGGIE & PIERRE by Linda Griffiths and Paul Thompson May 9 – May 19, 2018 TARRAGON THEATRE, 30 Bridgman Avenue, Toronto TICKETS $17.00 – $22.00 416-531-1827 CAST Kaitlyn Riordan DIRECTOR Rob Kempson SET & COSTUMES Jung-Hye Kim SOUND DESIGN Steven Lafond LIGHTING Oz Weaver STAGE MANAGER Alice Ferreyra

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