Idomeneus, Soulpepper

Michelle Monteith as the wife (left) and Stuart Hughes as the King (centre) have a harsh new reality to face with Jackob Ehman (right) paying full attention.   Idomeneus plays the Young Centre for the Performing Arts until March 24, 2018


Perhaps the one thing you just gotta love most about the Soulpepper camp is their programming flexibility—one offering is for the money, the other is for the art.

It’s something audiences have seen over and over throughout the decade and the latest offering Idomeneus is a perfect example of this. There’s no denying that David Tushingham’s 2008 translation of the millennial old tale can appeal to the broadest of audiences but director Alan Dilworth sets the stage to challenge this with a visually brilliant experience that certainly challenges this reality.

In this production, your heart beats faster, your imagination runs wilder and you can’t help but ask ‘What would YOU promise to stay alive?’ It’s deep, it’s dark and oh so dangerous.

For it is a personal pledge that not only defines us but also forces us to live with the consequences of those precarious decisions.

This pulsating drama of a Creten King’s return from a 10 year battle in Troy with just one ship returning from the 80 ship fleet that set out is an exercise in one leader’s attempt to make peace with his fate. Easier said than done but c’mon whoever suggest that struggle is ever boring?

With Stuart Hughes, Diego Matamoros, and Michelle Monteith anchoring the show fellow chorus members receive a shining glow in their respective parts. Chalked up faces, steam punky attire, magnificent movement and a lighting/sound design that soothes the senses makes this a stupendous resurrection of art.

If you short-sightedly made a 2018 New Year’s resolution to avoid Greek tragedies, this one absolutely must be your cheat treat.



IDOMENEUS translated by David Tushingham March 1 – March 24, 2018 YOUNG CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, 50 Tank House Lane, Toronto TICKETS $35.00 –$95.00 416-866-8666  CAST Akosua Amo-adem, Alana Bridgewater, Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Laura Condlln, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Jakob Heman, Kyra Harper, Stuart Hughes, Diego Matamoros, Michelle Monteith DIRECTOR Alan Dilworth ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Gregory Prest SET & LIGHTING Lorenzo Savoini COSTUMES Gillian Gallow SOUND DESIGN Debashis MOVEMENT COACH Monica Dotter STAGE MANAGER Marinda de Beer

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