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Alicia Ault as Cindy (left) and Emily Lukasik as Mindy (right) soon learn that life is far less cutesy when the buddy system lets them down in Tapestry Opera’s powerful musical parable, Hook Up. Raw language realism among the Time Out generation characters suggests there are few stop signs along the road of autonomy.


Some say that mistakes are the only thing that any of us can truly call our own. And when we take possession, we do so for a lifetime.

In the university setting where Hook Up unfolds, freshman year students are looking in fine shape for a semester of easily distracted studies until the parentless buzz inevitably wears off.

It is here where the naïve wade into the waters of independence—to say anything they feel, act upon whatever they desire and inevitably push the limits of new rules that replace that old ones left behind with mom and dad.

Nothing is subtle in this sexually explicit horror story featuring pleasure seeker Mindy (Emily Lukasi), her not too hot to hold onto boyfriend Tyler (Nathan Carroll), or third wheeler, Cindy (Alicia Ault). In fact, all the naughties are in place including porn plunging and physical experimentation with few boundaries preventing any peer restrictions.

Sisterhood strife reaches a fever pitch though when the two lovers find it difficult to celebrate their personal space. Romance requires a break for to help them gain perspective and little does anyone know of the trauma that lays ahead when a booze binge triggers a gross error in judgement.

Told entirely through song, the musical production’s response to viral horror stories speaks to today’s uncomfortable conversation of the absence of consent when there is no voice to do so.

The gripping tale feels tailor made for the TMP space thanks to Richard Greenblatt’s effective use of all the square footage at his disposal. This is a director that shines soft light in hard to reach places for full dramatic effect.

Endearment and compassion are sourced for Hook Up’s touching conclusion making the dark journey more contextual for its audience.  A stark reminder that lessons learned can come with a high emotional and psychological cost.




HOOK UP created by Tapestry Opera THEATRE PASSE MURAILLE, 16 Ryerson Avenue, Toronto DATES January 30 – February 9, 2019 TICKETS $25.00 – $55.00 www.passemuraille.ca 416-504-7529 CAST Emily Lukasik, Alicia Ault, Nathan Carroll,  Alexis Gordon and Jeff Lillico DIRECTOR / DRAMATURGE Richard Greenblatt SET & COSTUMES Kelly Wolf LIGHTING and VIDEOOGRAPHY Montgomery Martin   COMPOSER Chris Thornborrow LIBRETTIST Julie Tepperman MUSIC DIRECTOR Jennifer Tung PERCUSSIONIST Greg Harrison PRODUCTION MANAGER Shawn Henry STAGE MANAGER Tamara Vuckovic APPRENTICE STAGE MANAGER Anna Spencer


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