It’s long been said no one really knows the impact you’ve had on others in life until after you’re gone.

Tarragon Theatre’s world premiere of The Summoned by celebrated Canadian actor and screenwriter Fabrizio Filippo makes an April debut with this twisted technological thriller that takes audiences on a whirlwind ride from the past and into the future of the digital age.

Following the death of a billionaire tech visionary and head of a mega-empire, the most important people in his life are summoned to a budget airport hotel for the reading of his will. They know their lives are about to change, but what transpires is nothing short of a paradigm shift in the very future of technology and human nature. Just how far will tech take us?
The outstanding ensemble for this intriguing and spirited story features:

John Bourgeois (Tarragon’s Bea’s Niece, Necessary Angel’s The Half of It, Studio 180′s God of Carnage and The Normal Heart) as the mega-tech company’s president; Vancouver-born Rachel Cairns (Tarragon debut; Blyth Festival’s Fury, Seeds) as the girlfriendish love interest to Fabrizio Filippo (Tarragon debut; macIDea’s This is Our Youth, dir. Woody Harrelson; lead role in CTV mini-series Lives of the Saints opposite Sophia Loren) as Aldous, the narrator to the story and son and helper to Annie, the hotel manager; Kelli Fox (Tarragon’s Lion In The Streets, Moliere, The Misanthrope; 13 seasons with the Shaw Festival including 2015′s Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures; 2016 recipient of the Gina Wilkinson Prize for an Emerging Female Director) as Laura, a Silicone Valley high-powered lawyer.

The play also stars Maggie Huculak (Tarragon’s Cake and Dirt, Faust; Soulpepper’s A Christmas Carol, Antigone; Necessary Angel’s Divisidero, Half Life, Tamara) as Annie Mann, Aldous’ mother and a professional computer brainiac in her youth; Tony Nappo (Tarragon’s Mustard, The Golden Dragon, The Real World?; Mirvish’s God of Carnage; Soulpepper’s Twelve Angry Men; Peggy Pickit Sees the Face of God at Canadian Stage) as Quentin, the company’s intense security consultant; and the voice of Alon Nashman (Tarragon’s Much Ado About Nothing, Stratford Festival’s Hirsch, Canadian Stage (Picasso at the Lapin Agile, THIS – Toronto Theatre Critics Award) on the security walkie- talkie.

Says Filippo, “The idea for The Summoned started from an unlikely source. I was musing on the possibility of adapting Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard and was captivated by the idea that it is a play about the end of a way of life due, in no small part, to advancements in technology at the turn of the 20th century. (NOTE: The Summoned is in no way an adaptation of The Cherry Orchard.) At the same time, I was reading a book by Ray Kurzweil called The Age Of Spiritual Machines (about the direction technology is moving) that struck me also as something about the end life as we know it, and how we currently live in an age where the game is being changed over and over again. And, finally, I moved onto another book about the birth of the personal computer called Hackers and fell in love with the time in the 1970s where unwashed, barefoot, hairy geeks were changing the world from their garages with bits of hardware and soldering irons. You add all that together, and The Summoned was born.”

Directed by Richard rose, the creative team includes set designer Jason Hand, costumes by Charlotte Dean, sound design by Dylan Green and video design by Kurt Firla with stage manager Kate Sandeson supporting the production.

For ticket information visit or call the box office at 416.531.1827.