Some have called it a total theatre package, others refer to it as playfull, political, and personal by ‘an authentic genius of theatre’    Size it up any which way you choose but Theatre Smash & Arc’s presentation of Guillermo Calderon’s KISS is bound to have social media commentary swirling with intrigued reaction starting March 28, 2017.

Directed by Ashlie Corcoran (Artistic Director, Theatre Smash) with Associate Director Christopher Stanton (Artistic Producer, ARC), the Canadian premier plays the Berkley Street Theatre Upstairs venue until April 16.

“I am driven by questions of authenticity, interpretation and accessibility when bringing international work to Canada,” said director and Theatre Smash Artistic Producer Ashlie Corcoran, who has introduced such acclaimed international works as Das Ding (The Thing), The Ugly One and Durango to Toronto audiences. “In KISS, Calderón examines how we grapple with our limitations as artists when exploring a situation that is culturally removed from us, while concurrently arguing for the emotional strength of theatre.”

“Kiss is an essential play, a necessary play.  It is a rare opportunity to delve into experiences of sameness and difference and examine the ever-transient world we live in today,” said Canadian Stage Artistic and General Director Matthew Jocelyn. “We are delighted to be collaborating with Theatre Smash in its second year of residency, and with partner-company ARC, to share this deeply thoughtful and highly unexpected portrait of creation in troubled times.”

Two couples meet for dinner to take their minds off the war raging around them. A secret profession of love, an untimely proposal, and one kiss later, one of the foursome lies dead on the floor. What sets out as a Syrian melodrama quickly takes an unexpected turn –is anything really what it appears to be? Intersecting the personal, political and theatrical, KISS breaks open cultural barriers, challenging us to confront the limits of our own understanding.

Enacting this multi-layered narrative is a stellar ensemble cast made up of both Theatre Smash alumni and ARC company members: Dalal Badr, Liza Balkan, Greg Gale, Carlos González-Vio, Naomi Wright and Bahareh Yaraghi.

Jung-Hye Kim (Set Design), Jackie Chau (Costume Design), Rebecca Picherack (Lighting Design) and Alex Williams (Projection Design) round off the creative team.

For ticket information visit or call the box office at 416-368-3110.

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