Stimulating. Provocative. Engaging.

Those are just a trio of words being used to describe three plays that make up Seven Siblings Theatre’s 10-day staging event in support of new Canadian works aligned to the company’s mandate of ‘Fantastic Realism.’

Becky Tanton’s this place captures the guilt, loss, and mourning process of a woman haunted by her deceased husband and his panting left hanging on a living room wall.  The playwright draws on her influences of E.E. Cummings and Daniel MacIvor in crafting genuine human characters.

‘I was inspired to write this story after an intense one-sided love experience,’ Tanton explains. ‘I found myself sitting at home having imaginary conversations with the person I was infatuated not knowing if I was comforting myself or going insane.’

‘I didn’t want this to turn into something pegged down by melodrama,’ she adds about the play both she and fellow actor Scott Marleau bring to life. “I wanted it to be psychological—with more subtly and questions.’

British Columbia native Genevieve Adam is all smiley over the prospect of a delicious ham being a hot topic on Twitter after audiences get a taste of New World, a time travel narrative that pays indirect homage to Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia.

‘I’ve never written a play that I wasn’t acting in before,’ Adam confesses. ‘It was a challenge to slip between the language and rhythms of Ye Olde Tudor England while trying to imagine what speech patterns of characters would sound like 30 years in the future.’

The presentation, featuring such plot points as religious warfare, interstellar colonization, adultery and murder stars Darcy Gerhart and David Straus.

In Tactile Maladies, don’t be surprised by writing nuances reminiscent of Samuel Beckett and David Lynch with cast members Joanna Decc, Rachel Hart, Claire Shenstone-Harris, Olivia Rhiannon Nicoloff, Anais Moreno-Valverde and River Pereira commanding the production.

Storyteller Nawi Moreno-Valverde makes know apology that his tale of a group of women using a quarantine home during a plague to their advantage germinated from a day dream during a class lecture.

‘Sophia, the headstrong, cross-dressing family matriarch will stop at nothing to gain her dying husband’s guild benefits,’ he says of the play’s stand out figure. ‘‘The amount of research I invested only seemed to fuel my unconscious flow under historical and theoretical frameworks that I worked with.’

The Future Theatre Festival runs October 19-29, 2017 at The Attic Arts Hub at 1402 Queen Street East. For ticket information visit


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