Is there anything better than a fresh, blast of the Bard to get us through the fall? Shakespeare BASH’d doesn’t think so which is why it returns November November 18-23, 2014 with Macbeth at the Monarch Tavern at 12 Clinton Street, Toronto ON, just south of College Street.

Fresh from a third straight year of sold-out performances at the Toronto Fringe, Shakespeare BASH’d ventures into darkness with Shakespeare’s seminal tragedy, Macbeth. The company is quickly becoming known for their fast paced, text-based, bare bones approach to presenting the Bard’s cannon. “We’re bringing Shakespeare back to the way we believe it was originally intended,” says Shakespeare BASH’d Artistic Director James Wallis. “We’re taking something classical and getting rid of the stigma so often associated with it.” By presenting their productions in bars throughout Toronto, with very little set and an emphasis on clear text, audiences experience the work in a relaxed, immersive atmosphere where patrons are sitting on the edge of their seats, transported into the multifaceted world of Shakespeare’s text.

With their production of Macbeth, the company will bring the same raucous energy people expect from them to a more serious production. “This play presents a loving relationship between Macbeth and his lady; it allows the audience to watch as these two characters are ripped apart and eventually destroyed by ambition, fear, and guilt. It is a tragedy of the imagination, which is brought out further by our bare bones approach” says Wallis. Playing the titular roles of Macbeth and his lady are BASH’d regulars David Ross and Amelia Sargisson. “David and Amelia have been able to truly embody the tragedy and gruesomeness at the centre of this play” notes Wallis. “We’re coming at the text from a place of honesty, focusing on the horror of the evil that men do, and the actors have done a stellar job of rising to the challenge of expressing this viscerally.”

Utilizing the unique space at the Monarch, and their ever growing stable of up and coming actors, Shakespeare BASH’d is once again poised to deliver a bloody good time for their loyal audiences. Presenting Shakespeare as Shakespeare intended; clearly, with pace, and with a drink in hand.

Directed by James Wallis, Macbeth stars Nate Bitton, Maggie Blake, Alex Furber, David Mackett, Tim Maclean, Jesse Nerenberg, Julia Nish-Lapidus, Kyle Purcell, David Ross, Amelia Sargisson, Hallie Seline, James Wallis with Matt Armour, Joshua Browne, Jennifer Dzialoszynsky, Rob Kraszewski, Shera Everett-Singh, Julia Nish-Lapidus, Andy Perun, James Wallis topping off the production credits.

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $17.00 or by visiting Tickets:

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