Hats off to Cahoots Theatre for an extraordinary year of development with 7 workshops, 2 outreach programs, and a free community festival, the company looks forward to presenting its29th season of staging diversity.


Programming highlights include:


• The world premiere of They Say He Fell by Nir Bareket and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard in October 2015, a partnership with Pandemic Theatre
• The world premiere of Ultrasound by Adam Pottle in May 2016, a co-production with Theatre Passe Muraille
Deaf Artists & Theatres Toolkit (DATT), a research and compilation project alongside Ultrasound
Hot House, a in-house development unit for 7 creators, all season
Crossing Gibraltar, an outreach program for Deaf and diverse emerging artists in November 2015
LIFT OFF! Festival 2016, a free festival, featuring workshop readings & masterclasses in June 2016
The definition of diversity and culture has shifted and evolved since Cahoots was first founded almost 30 years ago.  Cahoots’ role remains the same in its upcoming season—to bring unique cultural perspectives to the stage with excellence, innovation and courage. For 2015-2016, it looks to the core ideas of COMMUNITY, CREATIVITY and COLLABORATION to guide the way.  In addition to the return to a two production season, this group will also see workshops, mentorship, in-house readings, residencies and a festival.

They Say He Fell co-written by Nir Bareket and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard is being produced by rising independent company, Pandemic Theatre in association with Cahoots Theatre, premiering in the Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace. Based on a true story, They Say He Fell shares Nir Bareket’s personal journey and meditation on mourning as it navigates through the fragmented memories surrounding the death of his brother during the tumultuous and disputed reparation of British Palestine.

After intensive development, Cahoots and Theatre Passe are pleased to debut their co-production of Ultrasound by award-winning Saskatoon writer, Adam Pottle. The play tells of the struggle of a young couple: Miranda, who is hard-of-hearing, and Alphonse, her Deaf husband, who wrestle with the identity of their potential family. Will their child be hearing or Deaf? Complications arise when their personal perspectives toward Deaf culture brim to the surface. Ultrasound is performed in English and American Sign Language (ASL) with integrated surtitles and video projection.

Alongside the production of Ultrasound, Cahoots will be compiling the Deaf Artists & Theatres Toolkit (DATT) which aims to increase the feasibility of collaborations and engagement between professional theatre companies, Deaf artists and Deaf audiences. The toolkit will become publicly available in late 2016 and disseminated as a resource for the Canadian theatre community-at-large.
The company’s in-house development unit, the Hot House, features returning playwrights from 2014-15, Amanda Parris, Flerida Peña, Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, and Playwright-in-Residence Suvendrini Lena.  Additionally, Cahoots proudly welcomes Leah-Simone Bowen, Rafael Antonio Renderos, and Donald Woo. These emerging and established creators will develop their work throughout the season under the guidance of Artistic Director, Marjorie Chan.

Crossing Gibraltar is Cahoots’ adaptive outreach program bringing arts access to marginalized communities through integrative and innovative projects, in alignment with the seasons’ programming. This year’s program is geared toward emerging artists of colour and emerging Deaf artists, and explores theatrical projection design, inspired by the techniques in staging Ultrasound by Adam Pottle. The program will run for three consecutive weeks in November with a public presentation component during the run of the production in May 2016. It will be co-facilitated by Catherine MacKinnon and Gein Wong.

The season will culminate in the end-of-year LIFT OFF! Festival 2016. This festival will feature Playwright-in-Residence Suvendrini Lena’s powerful debut play The Enchanted Loom.  In addition to readings, this free community festival will also feature masterclasses, forums, and a community reception.

For more information visit www.cahoots.ca.


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