Haley McGee – Watch Now!

Oh that Haley McGee! Just when we think we have her all figured out, she goes and leaves us slackjawed with new project horizons.

Let it be said that she seems forever drawn to stories that have social convictions. And despite citing Rachel Elie’s ‘Joe The Perfect Man’ and Alon Nashman’s ‘Hirsh’ as inspirational solo works that’s lit a fire in her as of late, the actor returns to an ensemble piece this month to tackle yet another role depicting a woman rising to against-the-odds challenges.

Written and directed by George F. Walker, ‘Dead Metaphor’ seizes themes of family, marriage, and finding your way in the world.

The stakes are high and the emotion runs even higher. But look hard enough within the outrageously funny dark comedy and you can’t deny the love the love that binds the zany characters.

The Off-Mirvish season finale isn’t your average theatre experience. Then again, Haley McGee is by no means your average artist.

DEAD METAPHOR by George F. Walker May 20 – June 8, 2014 Panasonic Theatre 651 Yonge Street, Toronto Tickets $19.00 – $79.00 * 416-872-1212 www.mirvish.com CAST Nancy Beatty, Michael Healey, Haley McGee, Eric Peterson, Noah Reid, Julie Stewart DIRECTOR George F. Walker

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