Flashing Lights - Dan Watson, Miranda Calderon, Liz Peterson photo by Francesca Chudnoff

Flashing Lights serves up a big bowl of silly in its satirical mediation on cultural advancements that builds us up as fast as it can tear us down. The family unit may never be the same again.


When it comes to the debate over the influences of online communities bringing us closer together or pushing us further apart, you can’t deny we live in a digital age hell bent on  imagery for the sole purpose of self-glorification.

Yes, indeed, the social evolution brought on by the internet revolution moves faster than the speed of sound.  The older one gets the more resistant they become to the impact of cultural change.

‘There isn’t time to be accustomed to anything,’ insists a sound bite at the beginning of the show.

Flashing Lights, an ambitious contribution to theatre’s ongoing transformation, uploads the idea that relationships are not the same as they used to be.  It’s a highly amusing exposition on modern day matters without making any judgement calls in its artsy maneuvering of screen projections.

All of which stems from a 16-year old female (Liz Peterson) recording her father at the breakfast table only to have the file posted to her Instagram account. And behold, Cereal Guy (Dan Watson), a viral video sensation is born. The question is can his loving wife (Miranda Calderon) keep up with her shape-shifting better-half?

Don’t mistake this Ahuri Theatre/Bad New Days creation for an attempt to design carefully crafted characters with complicated plotlines to compel audiences. Instead, they let a playful spirit of absurdity tickle in all the right places.

Packaged ideas don’t come in a flashier box than this.


FLASHING LIGHTS October 7 – October 22, 2017 THE THEATRE CENTRE, 1115 Queen Street West, Toronto TICKETS $5.00 – $60.00 www.theatrecentre.org 416-538-0988 CAST Miranda Calderon, Liz Peterson, Dan Watson, Adam Paolozza and Guillermo Verdecchia DIRECTOR Adam Paolozza SET/COSTUMES & LIGHTING Ken MacKenzie VIDEO DESIGN Melissa Joakim SOUND DESIGN Matt Smith STAGE MANAGER Dylan Tate-Howarth

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