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The spirit of satire in Everything Is Great Again is bolstered by the comedic chops half a dozen magic makers that come together more comfortably than an Obama administration reunion.  It’s a true humdinger!



Turning 79 can’t be much fun when you think about it.  Memory isn’t what it used to be and upward mobility presents new challenges every waking day.

Not the case for Second City Toronto’s 79th revue boasting equal parts boisterous hilarity and unfettered nonsense which goes to prove that some things just get better with age.

The comedy cohorts behind Everything Is Great Again seem to gel stupendously well in this latest creation.   The elements of timing and trust makes the antic infused show look like they’ve been at this together for a generation or more.

And that says a lot about their thrill of the hunt in finding the funny in exaggerations of the things we take for granted in hourly news headlines and every day occurrences.

While there’s no summing up the blessings of parenthood, a traumatized Paloma Nunez will make you think twice about human life into this world if you’re not having second thoughts already.   

Concentrated silly continues with Brandon Hackett’s over the top car commercial audition, day after implications of a drunken hook-up, and the Ikea chair assembling ritual that is simply not complete without an emotionally invested analysis of everything wrong with the world.

If laughing out loud at the drunken pilot sketch doesn’t land you on a No-Fly list, you best keep the Yellow pages within reach for a couple’s therapist when Colin Munch and Lindsay Mullan swap truths to fortify their romance.  It’s a confessional encounter of the most very strangest kind. 

Ann Pornel can be thankful that stealing scenes isn’t punishable by law.  The improv artisan would serving a life sentence for her various achievements in the I Don’t See Colour segment including her moment of Zen not being able to spell the word Philippines let alone successfully finding it on a map. 

If you’re looking to mark an X beside the box that says ‘Insanely Funny and Totally Unpredictable’ on this month’s entertainment ballot, Second City’s Everything Is Great Again delivers on all campaign promises. 


EVERYTHING IS GREAT AGAIN March 22 – June 30, 2017 SECOND CITY, 51 Mercer Street, Toronto TICKETS $26.00 -$35.00 416-343-0011 CAST Brandon Hackett, Devon Hyland, Lindsay Mullan, Colin Munch, Paloma Nuñez and Ann Pornel DIRECTOR Kerry Griffin ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Joel Buxton STAGE MANAGER Meg Maguire MUSICAL DIRECTOR Lee Cohen SET Camellia Koo

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