Every paterfamilias that brings a human being into this world desperately seeks out the coveted Father of The Year Award for quality guidance and good practices in nurturing their young. The one in Adam Lazarus’ Daugther, on stage at the Theatre Centre until November 19, won’t be hearing his name announced anytime soon in this unexpectedly shocking drama.


Some of the best stories that can be shared are derived from personal experiences for an audience to identify with in the moment or to prepare for in the future.

That cheeky bastard Adam Lazarus really pulls one over on us in Daughter where an ambitious and amusing celebration of life told in stand-up comic fashion takes dark twists until a heap of malaise seizes everyone in the room. Never before has a solo piece achieved this kind of reaction and it’s unlikely that it will again for a very long time.

Commencing with a biographical base involving time spent in a kitchen with a 6-year old girl bopping around to playlist favourites, it’s what humble Canadian family dreams are made of. Even more enriching when it progressively travels back in time to the hypno-birthing objective at the hospital that doesn’t quite go according to plan.

These captivating chronicles give way to remorse and tension when details of very bad behaviour come to light making you second guess the moral fabric of this parental figure who has made more than just a few grotesque mistakes.  Eyes become wider, breath becomes shorter and it’s painfully clear this crafty artist has unleashed a monster from within that has everyone in the venue emotionally fixated as intended.

It’s one thing for daring disturbia to send such a chill up your spine when the central character speaks the unspoken to a clearly Liberal viewed audience. Yet to pull it off with poignant, preposterous, and petrifying disbelief, Adam Lazarus weighs in as non-formulaic theatre’s new reigning King.


 DAUGHTER by Adam Lazarus, co-created with Ann Marie Kerr, Melissa D’Agostino and Jiv Parasram November 7-19, 2017 THE THEATRE CENTRE, 1115 Queen Street West TICKETS $17.00 – $30.00 www.theatrecentre.org CAST Adam LazarusDIRECTOR Ann Marie Kerr LIGHTING Michelle Ramsay SOUND DESIGN Richard Feren STAGE MANAGER Rebecca Vandevlede

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