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At 81, the legendary Barry Humphries is comedic Viagra as the ‘unconventionally beautiful’ Dame Edna.  Aloof observations and colourful commentary about the word in which we live is endlessly laughable.



If you were fortunate enough to be left in stitches the last time the purple haired pleasure came around these parts, you’re the first to know her latest visit it long, long overdue.   For wit lovers, it’s déjà vu all over again.

That’s not to imply that this is remotely the same show, it certainly is not.  Dame Edna’s Glorious Goodbye – The Farewell Tour is an outrageously capricious adieu from the woman who would breast feed her audience if she was biologically able.  ‘Toronto, you need me!’ she professes exhuberantly.

A True Hollywood Stories segment kicks off the show to put events of the past into satirical perspective for possums in attendance. Video clips capture the bachelor magnet’s rise to stardom, contract for life, and a Bollywood musical scare in Calcutta. Did she actually have ties with Osama Bin Laden, and if so, what other secrets has she been harbouring?

Later on in the hysterically funny presentation she confesses suffering from both acid reflux and Asperger’s syndrome. What’s more, her ‘supreme holiness’ has evidently survived Ebola and may very well possess a bi-polar disorder.  In comic splendor, all of these realities give her an unrestricted license to say all the things the rest of wish we could say if we could only get away it.

No material is too sacred for Dame Edna’s absurdly entertaining gathering.  Jian Ghomeshi, Mike Duffy, Rob Ford and Bruce Jenner all find their rightful place in the song material.

And whether you’re sitting in the front rows or part of the ‘Mezzies’ up above, everyone’s a farcical target through the gaudy lenses of the first lady of insanely amusing improv.

Take heart this is a ‘family’ offering.  Very little commentary is made about Madge’s darker side of life or her late partner Norm in which she wedded to for 30 years.   But when it comes time to share shine line on reason for the few empty seats in the venue and details of her visit with her estranged daughter in Toronto, not only does cheek pain from excessive smiling hit an apex but those in attendance wearing adult diapers are the only patrons protected from the effects of uncontrollable giggling.

Just wait to you see what kind of surprises she has in story with her DNA matchmaking scene later on in the show. Live entertainment has never broken down barriers like this on a knee-slapping arranged marriage moment.

If you want to experience the most wildly whimsical event of the year, don’t miss Dame Edna’s Glorious Goodbye. You’ll be GLADiola that you shared in on the fun.

Review by Steven Berketo

DAME EDNA’S GLORIOUS GOODBYE by Barry Humphries April 9 – 19, 2015 PRINCESS OF WALES THEATRE 300 King Street, Toronto TICKETS $35.00 – $119.00  STARRING Barry Humphries WITH Ralph Coppola, Brooke Pascoe, Eva Prideaux, Armando Yearwood, Jr.  DIRECTOR Simon Phillips MUSICAL DIRECTOR/PIANIST Jonathan Ross SET Brian Thomson CHOREOGRAPHER Eve Prideux LIGHTING Aaron Spivey SONG WRITER Stephen Adnitt

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