Constsellations, Canadian Stage

The Canadian Stage Company presentation of Constellations is far more than just an echo chamber of amusing and wistful scenes. It’s a unique storytelling formula that’s not likely able to be pulled off twice by other playmakers.


Think back to everything that’s played out in your life—negatively or positively—and entertain the idea of what things would be like if events played out differently.  And now for the real mindblower, maybe they already have somewhere else!

Director Peter Hinton brings it all into crystal clear perspective in a quantum universe inspired love story that relies on multiple ‘what if’ scenarios to weigh in on matters. It’s visually stunning, emotionally piteous and there’s not a creative element that doesn’t shine through like a thousand points of light.

At work here is an enticing, non-linear vista of a one dimensional relationship streamed with various moods, perspectives and truths to underscore the joy, frustration and pain trajectories of one couple’s romance cycle.   It’s a perfect example of how to do more with a story by relying on less—a theatre first in establishing an ‘unfailing clarity of purpose.’

Graham Cuthbertson pivots splendidly around in this piece as shy beekeeper, Roland, who knows a priceless catch when he sees one.   This allows Cara Ricketts as Marianne to secure just all the emotional gravity needed as an agreeable physicist putting pleasure before science.

Together, their multiverse of possibilities will have you revaluate every decision you can make involving others with confidence the unknown outcomes have consequences.

Playwright Nick Payne’s celestial offering says so much about theatre’s natural evolution.   A few more risk takers like him would give performance arts a foundation to reach innovative heights.



CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne November 8 – November 27, 2016 BLUMA APPEL THEATRE, 27 Front Street West, Toronto TICKETS $39.00 – $99.00 416-368-3110 CAST Graham Cuthbertson, Cara Ricketts, Jane Chan DIRECTOR  Peter Hinton SET & COSTUMES Michael Gianfrancesco LIGHTING Andrea Lundy SOUND DESIGN Peter Cerone FIGHT DIRECTOR Jean-Francois Gagnon STAGE MANAGER Michael Hart

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