Life without beauty is unbearable for all.  The Canadian Stage presentation of Concord Floral introduction to 10 young persons ‘endlessly looking for light in the darkness.’



Let it be said that teenagers are impulsively particular about space.  Give them an adult free perimetre allowing them to explore ideas and emotions en route to self discovery and there’s just no bringing them back.

Jordan Tannahill’s curious and bizarre dramatic disclosure ventures north of Highway 401 where suburban misbehavior runs ramped.  It’s earnest, gripping and hopeful in its attempt to convey the message that disheartening cruelty paves the way for palpable mercy.

What a remarkable transformation of the Bluma Appel venue which leaves the theatre empty and imbeds the audience with the characters on stage.  It’s about as surreal as it gets when the silence is broken about the disturbng events involving an unassuming band of Grade 9ers, the play swiftly gets its creep on with a voice from beyond the grave.

Shock and awe blooms from a derelict greenhouse that served as profitable rose supplier operation in the decades that came before.  The flowers are gone.  All that remains is broken glass, cigarette butts, used condoms and a sofa.  The walls here don’t just have ears, they have eyes as well!

Perception, attitude, and ignorance are the fertile components that directors Erin Brubacher and Cara Spoon sift through in scrutinizing a desensitized social media and selfie addicted subculture.   Casting judgement on it is equivalent to doing so on one’s own personal history considering all the countless events each of us choose not to remember from the impressionable and vulnerable wonder years.

If you’re down with a symbolically enriched encounter of the strangest kind, Concord Floral blooms with a few surprises.   A floral by any other name, just wouldn’t be the same.


CONCORD FLORAL by Jordan Tannahill September 27 – October 16, 2016 Bluma Appel Theatre, 27 Front Street East, Toronto TICKETS $39.00 – $79.00 www.canadianstage.com 416-368-3110 CAST Madison Baines, Theo Callaro, Ofa Gasespe, Davinder Malhi, Jovana Miladinovic, Jessica Munk, Franco Pang, Mick Robertson, Rashida Shaw, Melisa Sofi DIRECTORS Erin Brubacher and Cara Spooner ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Erum Khan LIGHTING Kim Purtell COMPOSITION & SOUND Christopher Willes VOCALIST Eleanor Hart STAGE MANAGER Chad Dembski

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