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It’s been said you can’t lead a horse to water but how is it possible to lead them to the stage? Cavalia’s Odysseo draws on plenty of Cirque du Soleil aesthetics without a dominant theme to slow down the production.  This is horsemanship of a completely different breed.


To suggest that Odysseo is one of the most visually stimulating shows of the decade would not be a hyperbole. To add that it’s probably the only show you and your family need to see this year would be an understatement still.

Cavalia’s hugely successful theatrical experience bridled with 60 horses and more than 30 performers is back for a second tour in our city and there really isn’t a smile missing from anyones face exiting the venue.   Decadently designed and sparkling with innovation, this is an event that needed to return.

Let’s not forget that the close relationship between steed and man goes back millennia. Does one serve the other or is it a labour of love union that has truly gone the distance?

And remember that this is a family affair with partners Normand Latourelle and Dominque Day responsible for the stunning visuals that unfold throughout the breathtaking equestrian inspired scenes.  Add in some acro-artistry and IMAX imagery to transport you to lands far, far away and Odysseo proves to be an event that’s hot to trot.

Not only are we talking about offering of high design and luscious tranquility, a space that reigns somewhere between the ecstasy and the heavenly, but specific moments in the play gives playgoers the impression it’s all about them, not the performers.

Everyone walks away with a favourite scene whether its six women riding two horses at once, lightning fast backflipping across a sandy stage environment or the graceful, anti-gravitational rotating carousel. It really is what momentous magic is made of.

It’s not until Act II that the company pulls out the cavalry with an extension of the euphoria it captures in the first half of the show. This is where aerial artists seize the environment with balanced bodies dangling from rings before a deluge of water fills the set for lovable horse play that requires no rubber boots whatsoever.

Big budget theatre has a lot to learn from an event such as this.  Odysseo and-now-for something-completely-different spirit gallups with greatness and leaves audiences wanting more.


ODYSSEO by Cavalia June 28 – July 16, 2017 HERSHEY CENTRE, 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga TICKETS $39.50 – $119.50 866-999-8111

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