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If there’s one thing Coal Miners can be proud of rounding off the 2018 season, it’s their deliverance of perfect programming for an evolving audience. The smell of indie theatre spirit has never had a better aroma than it does in the mysteriously astonishing Category E, on stage until April 29, 2018.

24 ‘Carrot’ Gold

It should come as no surprise that many of us feel like caged rats in this world.  Almost as if we’re some sort of social experiment being recorded where different breeds are confined within a space for the sole purpose of behavioural observation.  Home, school, work—the results are rarely predictable.

Belinda Cornish propagates a similar specimen culture in a delicately tricky staging where one of the primary characters is definitely not like the others and half the fun is guessing which one.

You’ve seen these traits and characteristics on one level or another in your own journeys but director Rae Ellen Bodie proves that human nature is a completely separate data analysis in a dark comedy that inadvertently asks the question ‘Why are we even here?’

To some degree wheel chair bound Robert Perischni’s Corcoran, Diana Bentley’s brain bent Filigree and Vivien Endicott-Douglas’ starry-eyed Millet are privy to the answer in what’s known as Room 5 which is not to be mistaken for a hospital or a care facility.

Yet never does the crafty playwright let us in on the secret. Instead she holds playgoers on the edge of their seats to guess who will make it out alive in a ‘Thunderdome’ of sorts chamber.

There’s not a lot of familiar feeling love to go around in this hostile haven where the trio refers to one another as ‘it’ and ‘that one.’ Tension divides the room from the far corners, satirically strange layers are grouped in the centre, and unknowns are sectioned off wherever else your mind seems to roam.

While performance test trials are risky business, Coal Mine Theatre’s case study is conclusive evidence that Category E is 24 ‘Carrot’ gold.


CATEGORY E by Belinda Cornish April 11 – April 29, 2018 COAL MINE THEATRE 1454 Danforth Ave. TICKETS $42.50 CAST Robert Perisichni, Diana Bentley and Vivien Endicott-Douglas DIRECTOR Rae Ellen Bodie SET & COSTUMES Anna Treusch LIGHTING Gabriel Cropley SOUND DESIGN Keith Thomas FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHER Simon Fon STAGE MANAGER Elyse Quesnel


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