Brontë – On The Run 2018

Andrea Rankin as Anne (left), Beryl Bain as Charlotte (centre), and Jessica B. Hill as Emily (right) go where few women have gone before in the Stratford Festival presentation of Bronte: The World Without. This hypersensitive story strikes the deepest of chords with anyone who has ached to be something greater than what they are.


Nothing in this world sucks more than not receiving credit for what’s rightfully owed.

Such is the position for a trio of success starving sisters with their gift for prose and storytelling in Jordi Mand’s achingly beautiful Bronte: The World Without that’s moving audiences in the Studio space this summer.

“Something has to change,” insists one who becomes increasingly restless with the status quo involving her ailing father upstairs in a movement accented production where only the thick skinned will live to see another writing day.

Mostly touching but sometimes funny, there’s not a lot of happiness to go around in this play that speaks to the truth of women seeking self-satisfaction and security more so than fame and financial reward. This, perhaps, is one of the more heartfelt elements of the intriguing piece.

“It’s never a good year for poetry,” reasons the bravest for the lack of response to their artful submissions causing pulp friction between them.

Under the watchful eye of director Vanessa Porteous who has her able-bodied cast adhering to the acting adage to ’respect the text,’ this is a show that packs a handful of songs for a music video feel in some scenes.

Audiences partial to Chekhovian works will find plenty to immerse in throughout this slower moving world of literature languish as will those who have little to show for a life of never letter a dream slip away.

Three cheers for new tomorrows that await these fine ladies as they for the rest of us in real life.


BRONTE: THE WORLD WITHOUT by Jordi Mand May 24 – October 13, 2018 STRATFORD FESTIVAL, Stratford, On TICKETS $54.63-$73.13 CAST Beryl Bain, Jessica b. Hill and Andrea Rankin DIRECTOR Vanessa Porteous SET & COSTUMES Narda McCarroll LIGHTING Kimberly Purtell SOUND DESIGN Anton de Groot DRAMATURGE Bob White FIGHT DIRECTOR John Stead STAGE MANAGER Kim Lott

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