The world has undergone drastic changes this past century and a special generation gets most of that credit for its varied movements. Mimic monarch Rick Miller sets his sights on a 25 year span to bring it all into perspective in BOOM.


In the 80’s chartopper ‘Tomorrow People’ Ziggy Marley sings ‘If you don’t know your past, you don’t know your future.’

Entertainer extraordinaire, Rick Miller not only subscribes to this lyrical school of thought he responds with a multi-media time warp that pieces together political and cultural milestones that shaped the international psyche of a post World War breed.

BOOM, on stage now at the Panasonic Theatre, is the master impersonator at his best cascading 100 characters in 100 minutes to relive the compelling events from 1945 to 1969 in a salute to a propagation that endlessly challenged traditional values and societal norms.

It’s hard to believe a Generation X artist could feel a significant connection to Baby Boomer poise but Rick Miller has forever viewed the world through a unique lens that magnifies the things the rest of us take for granted. Don’t confuse this for historical slumming. The show, relying on nothing more than projected images and a ceiling high cylandar feels like a moving documentary.

Musical interludes including ‘Blue Moon,’ ‘Eve of Destruction,’ ‘Hound Dog, ‘Space Oddity’ and ‘Little Help From My Friends,’ provide a splendid songscape in cold war, space race, and social revolution climaxes of the mid 20th Century. It’s polished, purposeful and oh so pleasant to observe.

While it’s speculative if a retired generation looks back on their historical contribution knowing that they matured throughout one of the most fascinating moments of the modern era, no one can argue, wasn’t that a party? BOOM is a deeply moving reflection piece that curiously, but not surprisingly, secures new found optimism.

Review by Steven Berketo


BOOM by Rick Miller Jan 15 – Feb 1, 2015 PANSONIC THEATRE, 651 Yonge Street, Toronto TICKETS $25.00 – $79.00 416-872-1212  CAST Rick Miller PROJECTION DESIGN David LeClerc LIGHTING DESIGN Bruno Matte COMPOSER & SOUND DESIGN Creighton Doane SET & COSTUMES Yannik Larivee STAGE MANAGER Olivier Bourgue


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