A comical force to be reckoned with, Rebecca Northan as Mimi stirs up heaps of giggles in her sensational improv creation ‘Blind Date’ on stage at the Tarragon until June 25, 2017.


The problem with warming up to a total stranger for the sole purpose of relationship prospecting is that reasonable expectations are rarely met due to the fact the other person has absolutely no idea what it is you’re looking for.

Good news for disenfranchised comedy lovers because Blind Date is heating up Tarragon Theatre this month with a titillating event served with time outs, a romantic hero, and a tiny little lie.

Which is where we find Mimi (Rebecca Northan), a saucy bachelorette whose disappointing tryst has left her flying solo in a French cafe. She’s by no means heartbroken, the character’s eternal optimism makes her aware that another hopeful is only an aisle or two away.

The best part about this flirtatious presentation is that you can never guess what will unfold next. What’s more, improvised components prevent occurrences from ever happening the same way twice in any given show. That’s because there’s plenty of spontaneous room to roam within the loosely constructed framework that gives the event a desired outcome.

This alone is what gives Blind Date unlimited shelf life. It’s not enough for Lady Northan to design an offering with unsuspecting claptraps galore but her ability to taunt and tease with stylized humour is the single reason why her performance brand is second to none.

Is this a play or something else? While the answer to that question is a curious debate, theatregoers in our city cannot remember a time when laughter at the Tarragon was louder or more tenacious.

So whether you’re singled, coupled, or somewhere in between, an evening of unforeshadowed silly is just what the Love Doctor has ordered.



BLIND DATE by Rebecca Northan May 30 – June 25, 2017 TARRAGON THEATRE, 30 Bridgman Avenue, Toronto TICKETS $22.00 – $65.00 416-531-1827 CAST Rebecca Northan, Christy Bruce, Bruce Horak, Tess Degenstein

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