Bed Room Farce, Soulpepper

Ron Person as Trevor (left) and Alex McCooeye as Nick (right) underscore the importance of two men needing to see the bigger picture together.  Soulpepper Theatre’s purposely date stamped presentation of ‘Bedroom Farce’ can’t get any more wholesome than this.


Every mattress seems to have a story to tell, does it not?  Playwright Alan Ayckbourn’s super 70’s facetious classic skips by all that sexy stuff to weigh in on some humoursly unrest involving lifestyle gaps to go on and suggest that nothing in life perfect.

And it is it any wonder that the contents of a boxed gift sitting at the foot of a bed would later symbolize this or is this merely a coincidence?

This is an era accented by bad hair, bad clothes and sometimes bad behaviour.  Theatregoers find it all here in director Ted Dykstra’s remarkably tidy staging where Englishisms are played out with perfect unpredictability.

Taking place over one evening and the following morning, Bedroom Farce is a silly tale involving the ups and downs of four married couples following lack luster wedding anniversary dinner, a back injury and an uncomfortable house party event where hearts and minds are by no means positioned in places they ought to be.

Stage veterans Derek Boyes as Ernest and Corrine Koslo as Delia are pure parental confection in sorting out the mess that does not belong to them.   They’re so good you may want to go home and try sardines on toast when you crawl under the covers after the show.

If you’ve not yet experienced funny guy Ron Pederson in a live stage performance just wait until you see what he pulls off as Trevor, the ‘destroyer.’ So much in the show rides on the success of his zany delivery and the actor responds with a heap of satire in the many awkward situations his character finds himself in.

But there’s not enough that can be said for Soulpepper’s fresh faces comprised of Caitlin Driscoll, Gordon Hecht, Amy Matysio and Alex McCooeye. It’s been a long time since up and coming talent have secured such natural fits in a story and this squad certainly knows how to go the laughter distance.

That said, playwright Alan Ayckbourn’s writing style appeals to a specific mature audience segment not looking for a complicated storyline.  Bedroom Farce is simple, it’s welcoming, and is padded with whimsical comfort.

Review by Steven Berketo


BEDROOM FARCE by Alan Ayckbourn May 8 – June 20, 2015  YOUNG CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS, 50 Tank House Lane, TorontoTICKETS $38.00 – $94.00 416-866-8666 CASTDerek Boyes, Caitlin Driscoll, Katherine Gauthier, Gordon Hecht, Corrine Koslo, Amy Matysio, Alex McCooeye and Ron Pederson DIRECTOR Ted Dykstra SET Ken MacKenzie COSTUMES Erika Connor LIGHTING Louise Guinand SOUND DESIGN Creighton Doane STAGE MANAGER Nancy Dryden ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER Ashlyn Ireland ALEXANDER COACH Kelly McEvenue FIGHT DIRECTOR Simon Fon DIALECT COACH Diane Pitblado

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