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We’ve all had butterflies in our tummy experiencing a romantic story between couples but why we have had to wait so long for a love story that steers clear of clichés is mystery for our ages.

Playwright Emma Hache’s Lesson In Forgetting is a Governor General’s Award finalist that sensitively unveils the challenges that surface in a relationship when feelings collide when memory is misplaced.

The Pleiades Theatre presentation asks the all important question: What remains of love when the memories of a shared life disappear?

Actor Andrew Moodie is known for jumping aboard projects that plumb the depths of human experience with subtlety and perspicuity.

This time around, he cuts to the chase on the swell of emotion and sobering reminder of how to receive that special someone that cares unconditionally for us.




This is a very moving story of a husband and wife living a life less ordinary than most of us are familiar with. What else can you share your character’s notable situation in this touching tale?                                                        

I can’t tell too much, but I play the husband who has been in the accident. And I have unique ways of expressing my love for my wife. That’s all I can say.                                                              
What’s so enlightening is that we don’t see the typical conflict between the couple like we see in so many other plays. How do you describe their relationship?

My character and my wife are truly, deeply, madly in love with each other. But is love enough?

How is the real life Andrew Moodie most like his character in this piece?

My character is very forgetful. And I… had an answer but I forgot what it was.

This role of August is a bit of departure for you given notable works we’ve seen you with in throughout the years.

In some ways yes. I like the childlike innocence of the character.

Playgoers are in awe of the tenderness in many of the scenes. Which one should they keep a close eye on?         

Pay close attention to the final scene.

We have laid out a lot of clues, and by the time you get to that scene, they all come together.

What’s the take away for people experiencing this production?

Cherish each moment with the ones you love.

We’re all afraid of forgetting and being a lesser person tomorrow than we are today. Does that reality concern you given the news headlines of Alzheimers and dementia with our aging population?

Not for me.

I spend so much of my life memorizing things, I can’t wait to not have to remember anything anymore!

But on a serious note,  with the scientific research that is happening now, hopefully things like Alzheimer’s and Dementia will one day be a thing of the past.


LESSON IN FORGETTING by Emma Heche, translated by Taliesin McEnaney with John Van Burek

YOUNG CENTRE FOR THE ARTS, 50 Tank House Lane, Toronto, Ontario

DATE May 3 – May 22, 2022

TICKETS: $20.00 – $25.00 www.youngcentre.ca 416-866-8666

CAST:  Andrew Moodie and Ma-Anne Dionisio

DIRECTOR:  Ash Knight

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