An Ideal Husband – On The Run 2018

In the broken world in which we live it’s essential to have someone close by who has your back at all times. Brad Hodder as Lord Arthur Goring (left) and Tim Campbell as Sir Robert Chiltern (right) respond with a ‘hight moral tone’ in battling a ‘genius in the day and a beauty at night’ that threatens their comfortable co-existence.


Say what you will about imperfect hubby’s falling short of what’s deemed ‘ideal’ when history has clearly demonstrated vast behavioural improvements since man has roamed the earth as club wielding cavemen more than 60 million years ago right up to the present day where picking the right neck tie to match a swanky sports jacket is by no means a cake walk for the colour and pattern impaired.

In between both of those eras, the male species has made a few regrettable mistakes here and there and will continue to do so until makes available with some miracle cream to make it stop. But not a day sooner!

An Ideal Husband, now being given a glowing staging at the Avon Theatre is Oscar Wilde at his breathless best. Not only does the playwright humourously underscore why honesty is the best policy but he cleverly drives home the point why ‘no one is incapable of doing a foolish thing.’

It’s super smart, ultra-funny, and summer’s downright hottest show on the festival circuit.

The trouble begins when a financially fixated Laura Cheveley (Bahareh Yaraghi) attends an upper class social event hosted by respected cabinet minister Sir Robert Chiltern (Tim Campbell).   She ‘holds him in the palm of her hand’ and wants to make a deal but not one he can live consciously live with in light of a poor decision buried in his past.

Lady Gertrude Chiltern (Sophia Walker) doesn’t understand why her loving partner has had a change of heart regarding government decision on a proposed canal in Argentina and begins to ask questions.

The wife-resistant Lord Arthur Goring (Brad Hodder) is privy to the facts and swoops in to save day with tactical brilliance.

A temptingly good staging like this why director Lezlie Wade deserves a permanent place on the Stratford classical comedy roster. She creates a ‘nobler atmosphere’ thanks to her ability to steer clear of the central character’s looming disaster with sheer ease and exquisite sensibility.

Enough cannot be said about the unshakable performances of the ensemble each leaving a polished signature with every entrance, every line and every exit.

With that said, there’s no denying the career-best work from Brad Hodder in the lead role, one that will continue to take him to high places at Stratford and beyond.


AN IDEAL HUSBAND by Oscar Wilde May 20 – October 28, 2018 STRATFORD FESTIVAL, Stratford, On TICKETS $45.00 – $163.00 CAST Jonelle Gunderson, Dejah Dixon-Green, Anton Lipovetsky, Joseph Ziegler, Sophia Walker, Zara Jestadt, Marion Adler, Bahareh Taraghi, Rylan Wilkie, Tim Campbell, Brad Hodder Jordin Hall, Robert King, Andrew Iles, John Kirkpatrick, Roy Lewis, Monice Peter, Peter Bailey, Jacklyn Francis, Matthre G. Brown DIRECTOR Leslie Wade SET Douglas Paraschuk COSTUMES Patrick Clark LIGHTING Louise Guinand COMPOSER Leslie Arden SOUND DESIGN Richard Feren CHOREOGRAPHY Diana Coatsworth STAGE MANAGER Maxwell T. Wilson

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