Soulpepper: The Norman Conquests

The costume crazed cast members of ‘Alligator Pie’ turn poetic passages into song while sliding into some high stylin’ choreographed moves in a theatrically satisfying experience.Show creators, Gregory Prest, Raquel Duffy, Ins Choi, and Mike Ross (seen here), have passed the merriment torch to a new crew of performers this year.


It’s not until an ensembler starts singing an urban inspired ‘I’m Trickin’ half way through Alligator Pie do adults in attendance truly lament the horrific date stamp on their birth certificates. One thing’s for certain—Soulpepper Theatre Company’s presentation of David Lee’s poetic legacy makes it feel awfully good to be young again.

The performance mass at work is no other than Jennifer Villaverde, Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Qasim Khan, and Peter Fernandes.  Although they’re not exactly what you’d call the usual young audience entertainment suspects, they’ve staged something extraordinary out of nothing in particular giving them a lifetime membership to the so-hip-it-hurts club.

Without exaggeration, Alligator Pie is family fun at its finest. Splendidly spunky and playfully prop heavy, it’s the perfect generational stage offering to elevate the imagination.

The quartet’s nutty performances get a big boost from Mike Ross’ musical background which puts delightful spins on the rhyming and prancing that can turn any frown upside down. Smartly syncopated with giggle fodder galore, it’s hard to imagine a world without bubble wrap stomping ever again.

If theatrical concoctions were worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize, Soulpepper’s Creative Ensemble would be drawing attention o’ plenty to the work produced on Tank House Lane

Review by Steven Berketo

ALLIGATOR PIE based On The Poetry Of Dennis Lee December 16-29, 2015 YOUNG CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING 50 Tank House Lane, Toronto, TICKETS $24.00 – $45.00 416-866-8666 CAST Jennifer Villaverde, Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster, Hailey Gillis, Qasim Khan, Jennifer Villaverde and Peter Fernandes LIGHTING Ken MacKenzie SOUND DESIGN Adam Harendorf ALEXANDER COACH Kelly McEvenue STAGE MANAGER Ashley Ireland ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER Jordana Weiss

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