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Some of us are here for a good time, not a long time in the Blood Pact Theatre / Storefront Theatre co-pro of After Wrestling. One 5th Grade teacher’s ‘nightmare of a day’ turns into so much more in a satisfying presentation.


Walking away from After Wrestling one this appears remarkably clear. Byrce Hodgson and Charlie Kerr don’t want to be a Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, or Arthur Miller. It’s not their thing and nor do you want it to be.

And in this day and age of Millennial storytelling, they’re not going to back away from the culture and values that come natural for them.   The contribution adheres to the pleasure principals of indie theatre and their craft stands alone for what it is.

If TV sounding/moving theatre continues at its current pace, the only way is up for this dynamic duo.

Despite the title of the story, this comedy that evolves into a touching answer seeking vehicle has big laughs and a big heart.

Don’t for a moment think that is a narrative about champion belts, ring side violence or bodies flying from high ropes.

Instead, the story of housemating brother and sister, Hogan (Charlie Kerr) and Leah (Libby Osler) learning to live again following the loss of a close friend, Gibby (Antony Shim) beats the bell with a lean set of legs that can pounce on real life traumatization and what comes next.

Director Bryce Hodgson’s handles the scene changes superbly well while relying on diverse samples of The Misfits, Talking Heads and David Bowie to provide a musical backdrop unique to playmaking.

Wrestling, of course, isn’t for everyone. But there’s nothing fake about After Wrestling and even a Stone Cold Steve Austin would attest to that.



AFTER WRESTING by Bryce Hodgson and Charlie Kerr February 24-March 18, 2018 FACTORY THEATRE, 125 Bathurst Street, Toronto TICKETS $20.00 – $50.00 416-504-9971 CAST Gabe Grey, Charlie Kerr, Libby Osler, Anthony Shim DIRECTOR Bryce Hodgson SET Bryce Hdgson and Bri Proke COSTUMES Allie Dunbar LIGHTING Jacq Andrade STAGE MANAGER Kayla Vanderlop

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