A Beautiful View
An unBEARably good discovery narrative, ‘A Beautiful View’ relies on two flinging femmes to serve as a vantage point that everthing works on and off paper.


Something has to be said about the durability of friendship. Squeeze it, stretch it, yank it and it almost always returns to its original form. But when it breaks, the damage is often unrepairable. Only then does one realize that something once so valuable no longer serves a purpose.

Fortunately, M (Becky JohnsonBecky Johnson) andL (Amy Rutherford) need not worry about this harsh reality. And while making stuff up to get the another person to like you is common practice in securing an acquaintanceship, A Beautiful View is a true girl play that doesn’t get lost in the wilderness thanks to director Ross Manson’s sensibility for all things unfeigned.
This, of course, is a dramatic pre-requisite for a presentation that camps out with two performers, a pop up tent, and a portable radio to revisit the past.

It’s mind-bending how the playwright continually pulls off this kind of story. Daniel McIvor is so excessively in tune with the human condition it’s somewhat frightful that he knows what makes us tick better than ourselves. Comical kicks always find a rightful place within his stylized naturalism and never does he construct characters worthy of quick judgment.

What gives A Beautiful View such a clear perspective of relationships is its affirmation that we’re all delicately imperfect despite our best attempt to get it right. Actors Becky Johnson and Amy Rutherford illustrate this candidly with sleeves that can barely wear the gigantic size of their hearts.

Review by Steven Berketo

By Daniel MacIvor
Feb. 26 – Mar. 9, 2014
Factory Theatre
125 Bathurst St., Toronto
Tickets $20.00 – $25.00

CAST: Becky Johnson and Amy Rutherford

DIRECTOR: Ross Manson

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